QuickSnap: YoU and I

Sometimes its really difficult to remember the American English – most of those I interact with on the internet are American and majority of the sites I use are too, so when I post comments / posts etc it always says my spelling is wrong with certain words.. I sure you guys can guess it’s words with ~ise / ~ize and ~our / ~or


mostly – why don’t you include the U in words … make it yoUrs! :p


QuickSnap: random comments

When I watch/listen to things on YouTube I always scroll and read the comments – I know that they’ll annoy me; make me curse at the screen because they have absolutely no relevance to the song or music etc. in general.  They are mostly just people bitching and hating each other – but with that can come some amazing comments like this one:

“knew about this song way before it was used in movies like all industrial bands and … existed in my life before movie graphics looked good.”

in reply *the best part*

“we better f**king bow down then you lucky ba**ard”

On first you may not appreciated this reply, BUT if you know someone who says this about EVERYTHING then you will find it key to amusing yourself when you next hear that they liked something before it was even out there.

CeeDy WeekDay – swap for pleasure

Me and a friend have started a CD swapping ‘mini group’ – it’s just me and him – so I thought I’d share what the CDs are and a link to a random song off the albums with you 😀

From him:

Zulu Winter – Language


Emilíana Torrini – Fisherman’s Woman

From me:

James Vincent McMorrow – Early In The Morning

Tune-in Tuesday : Top acoustic/mellow musicians in my life

Tune-in Tuesday: singer / song writers from the UK –

Jamie Woon : old school synthesizers mixed in his flat –

Lady Luck

~~ I get this feeling I can dream tonight
Yeah I’ve been seein’ all the signs
A dream no one can dream to undermine
This time I am gonna get it right

Ben Howard : acoustic drama from a beach (thought up there atleast) –

Keep Your Head Up

~ ~ Oh my my darlin’ keep your head up, keep your heart strong.
No no no no, keep your mind set in your ways, keep your heart strong

Tom Odell : small town singer sitting in a field (not literally) –

Another Love

~~ And I wanna kiss you, make you feel alright
I’m just so tired to share my nights
I wanna cry and I wanna love
But all my tears have been used up

Passenger : quirky little titles surrounding hushed guitars –

The Last Unicorn

~~ Well we’ll kiss for that’s how it begins
We’ll embrace just to warm our skins
I’ll think of her and you’ll think of him

Backtracking from 00’s to 90’s

Brought to you by the random CD sharing scheme now introduced as from Friday last week here is my Deja Vu


The Avalanches – ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’

Which reminds me of >>

Morcheeba – Part of the Process


Which makes me think of my days with >>

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car




Who is? Who could be? Isn’t it..?

Who is @xolondon ? I have no idea, he wrote something once that I read .. some interview with a singer.


He still writes things here > dot < and will probably continue to do so until he closes his eyes and then just find a way to do it telepathically.  What I do know is by the time he’s *sipped his tea* .. you’ve had 5 and already changed the music from mellow synths to upbeat contortions.

His air of enthusiasm for cultural sounds and aesthetic pleasures are enough to cause even the most idle human to side step the modern ways of ignorance and delve into the foundations of being.  He doesn’t have much to say really but there’s always simple clear cut words that make the most of themselves and descend into the apocalypse for dictionaries.  The thesaurus certainly lives on in this man, in fact sometimes its like he wrote the damn book, and as for the words he’s randomly created .. well Ladies and Gentleman – beware that book will blow your tiny little socks off and then make them spin round and land on your head when you’re not looking.

..to tell or not to tell

imagesI’m currently reading this book by a self-published author who according to said person is a ‘best selling author’ – now I have a dilemma, while I’m reading this e-book I have noticed a few errors in spellings and continuity.  Do I share these with the author or do I keep them to myself ?

Just because said person is a best seller doesn’t mean there can’t be inaccuracies – everyone makes mistakes even the ‘top’ authors, its the proof-readers that are to blame 😉

I have mentioned it to another author in the past and he was grateful and keep checking in to make sure it was all accurate – he said that he preferred to have no errors – which makes sense.

So, would this other person be grateful or could they be  put off by me randomly mentioning that there is anything ‘wrong’ with their book.